Forgebar Grating //

Forgebar grating is constructed of load-bearing bars in various depths and thicknesses. Lateral restraint is provided by 6mm square twisted cross bars, which are forge-welded to the upper edges of the load-bearing bars. This manufacturing process produces a product that offers one-piece construction and a high strength-to-weight ratio – one that meets the requirements of Australian Standard 1657 1992 and British Standard 4592 1970.


The load-bearing bars in Forgebar gratings are manufactured from steel that complies to the following equivalent standards:

AS 1594-H250
AS 3679-250

Cross Bar Pitch

A = 100mm Centres
B = 50mm Centres

Load Bar Pitch

Series 30 - 30mm Centres
Series 40 - 40mm Centres
Series 60 - 60mm Centres

Load Bar Size

From 20 x 3mm to 65 x 5mm

FORGEBAR grating supplied with plain Load Bearing Bars and 6mm square twisted Cross Bars.

FORGEBAR grating  with a regular sharp-edged serration, which provides increased traction under slippery conditions. The reduction in load carrying capacity of serrated grating is minimal ( less than 8% on average)

Design Criteria

Design criteria, manufacturing tolerances and load tables available on request


Forgebar grating is available either hot-dipped galvanised or untreated

1.  Hot Dipped Galvanised

Hot dip galvanising produces a durable, abrasion-resistant coating of metallic zinc and zinc-iron alloy layers that are metallurgically bonded to the steel base at a bath temperature of 450C. Hot dip galvanising conforms to the equivalent following standards:
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 4680:1999
  • British Standard BS729 - 1971
  • American Standard ASTM-A123-73

2. Untreated (No surface treatment or protection)

Untreated product can be supplied on stock mats or panels to customers who wish to perform their own fabrication  on the grating.